Speak to people about Jesus

04 Jan

Although the omnipotent God can speak personally to every sinner in an audible voice, as He did to Saul of Tarsus, He has elected to use Christians to spread His gospel. Any angel in heaven would love to teach this sunday school class, to speak with your neighbour, to have five minutes with the one next to you on the job, to talk to the clerk at the grocery store- but angels cannot. We can (Acts 1: 8).

The Lord also speaks through circumstances, but it is doubtful that sinners will recognise His voice- they need an interpreter. As the Holy Spirit is God’s Interpreter to believers, so Christians are to be interpreters to the lost world (Acts 8: 30, 31). It is necessary, of course, to live a consistent Christian life if we would witness. But we must beware of the philosophy which says, ”Let people see Jesus in you. That is enough.” No it isn’t! We are to speak!

As a matter of fact, unsaved people do not intend to reject Christ, they merely postpone surrender to Him. They feel they cannot live the life now, that salvation is a price they must pay rather than a price Jesus paid, and that they have a little more time. Ours is the responsibility of showing them the way through the Word.

Paul stretched himself beyond conventional limits to reach men with the gospel (1 Corinthians 9: 19- 23). So did our Lord Jesus Christ (John 13: 3-5). David Wilkerson has led hundreds of thousands to Christ because he was willing to do a ”ridiculous thing” in New Work courtroom (The Cross and the Switchblade). While some are winning entire families to God, others are criticizing- being content with their own ”little flock”. Jesus wants a full house. Do we?

P.S. Perhaps you have not given your life to Christ or have not surrendered your all to Him, cry out from your heart for God’s mercy and forgiveness. We are at the time of God’s grace, and it’s running out. The world is coming to an end, and only those who the Lord recognises as His own would escape the wine of God’s fury which is about to be poured on the world. Confess your sins before Him with a sincere heart. He is willing to forgive you and restore you to Himself.


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